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Thank you for taking the time to learn more about my company, California Flooring Solutions. My name is Francisco Gutierrez, and I am the owner. I started in the flooring industry over 20 years ago as an installer. I came from Mexico without any knowledge of hardwood floors. It was the rainy season in Los Angeles, and I did not have a job because I was a gardener. I was invited to work in a house to do demolition and remodeling. At that house, a former contractor offered me the chance to work with him as a floor installer. Fast forward seven years, which is when I decided to venture out on my own to start California Flooring Solutions. I have my contractor license now, and well over twenty-plus-years of experience installing, sanding, recoating and repairing hardwood floors.

Unlike many other companies where you will not find the owner involved in the project, I oversee every aspect of the project. This includes the first visit where I walk your site, provide you with sensible options, and present samples that will suit your budget. In addition, I offer products that are earth friendly. This includes the projects we do for sports facilities, homes and commercial projects.

When I created California Flooring Solutions I had a vision in mind -to offer high-quality flooring designs a a friendly price. Over the years, I have worked with many types of wood flooring, giving me the knowledge and craftsmanship that has created a solid reputation for California Flooring Solutions within the industry and among so many satisfied costumers. If you would like to see some of the projects that we have done, visit our photo portfolio.

Francisc- Gutierrez-CEO-and-owner-of-California-Flooring-Solutions.
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