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Gymnasium Flooring

Let our sports floor contractors handle your new Gymnasium floors.

Looking for professional hardwood installation? California Flooring Solutions has a dedicated team to install a brand-new gym floor. That includes floating and other systems. Our specialty is gymnasium flooring, and we can install new ones from scratch. The advantage of having a sports floor contractor is matter of convenience. Because we guarantee to manage and complete the project under one umbrella, your project remains with our team and is never outsourced.

Types of Flooring

  • Hardwood Maple Gym 

  • Multi-purpose rooms

  • Sport complex

  • Practice facilities

  • Dance 

  • Stage 

Gym inst_edited.jpg

Subfloor construction

Game lines & Artwork

 We are experts in designing main game lines to your Basketball or Volleyball court. Our talented team can paint traditional sports floor lines, and apply custom artwork ,logo stencil and  lettering to your gym floor.

CFS b&g tall_edited.jpg

The Boys & Girls Club, Los Angeles

Let us maintain your existing gymnasium floor.

We employ a specialized sanding technique that removes the first layer of wood, and repairs floors that have deep scratches, scarring, and other imperfections. Sanding is a critical stage of the project which is why we offer a free in-person consultation. So, let us help you get your project off a great start!

sanding 5678.jpg

Oak floor sanding

Annual Recoat

California Flooring Solutions recoat surface consists in running a wet auto scrubber on the entire gym floor to remove the top layer of the finish. Then light-screening Buff with 180 Grid sandpaper. Lastly, we apply two coats of professional gym finish regularly to protect the floor from deep scratches.

Refinish and recoat are both recommended once a year as a part of maintenance. Therefore, resurfacing will bring gym floors back to life and more importantly, will provide your players with an anti-grip surface.

Buffer B&G_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Gym floor resurfacing


The refinish process is a detailed cleaning sanding. California Flooring Solutions only use professional products to protect wood floors. We mostly use water-based Super Sport clear finish. This finish is recommended because it does not react with the paint of the logo/lettering; Such is the case for dance studio floors. We recommend resurfacing hardwood floors every year. Let us revive your floors every season.


Dance floor refinishing, Simi Valley


Our specialized equipment and our expertise in sports flooring allow us to repair  almost every gym floor system. We can repair most damage to wood caused by water, mold, fire or termites. We can repair or replace broken boards, sections of floor, and subfloor if needed. Last, we sand, and refinish to match existing wood so your floors look like new again.

Water Damaged Gym Floor_edited.jpg

Maple Gym floor repair, Los Angeles

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